For the last 10 years Furniture manufacturers have played it safe when it comes to color.  With the economic collapse of 2008 it sent everyone scrambling to find their place in the market.  So many manufacturers didn’t survive and the ones that did went neutral with color to make their product sellable in an uncertain market.

Finally, after several years of beige, soft blue and grey, bold colors are back.  I was so pleasantly surprised to see lots of bright hues in some of my favorite showrooms at the Spring 2019 High Point Furniture Market.

In the Century Furniture showroom there were all shades of green. Teal green to Kelly green and every shade in between. It was quite refreshing to see.  Green isn’t a color that has been used in design for quite a while.  I think the last time I saw green used in design was hunter green back when jewel tones were all the rage. Century mixed green with salmon, cognac, blue, and bright yellow.

Texture was also a trend I noticed.  Century debuted the new Carrier and Co. Collection. There was a cocktail table with lacquered linen, woven stools made from water hyacinth and a collection of tables with terrazzo tops. They also used great textured fabrics, which I loved. Velvets, cut velvets, chenille’s, corduroy, and even faux fur were just a few of the fabrics featured.

At the Hickory White and Lillian August showrooms they had also done a great job of incorporating color into their designs. Reds, greens, blues, chartreuse and animal prints abounded. It was so fresh and exciting to see how they combined the colors to create a feast for the eyes. The Lillian August showroom has always been one of my favorites and it did not disappoint this market either. It is always so beautifully curated and of course colorful. Lillian August has always been known for her incredible rich fabric selection. Walking through this showroom feels like your are walking through a show house, simply exquisite.

Going to market is always so inspiring. It gives me a new perspective and renewed excitement about design each time I go. I am looking forward to incorporating some of the ideas I saw at market into my designs. I would love to help you bring your home to life through the use of color.

Here’s to a bright and colorful spring 2019!