What happens when an interior designer and an artist team up to create a custom environment for your special space? A custom visual experience that reflects who you are, without any words.

Home builders have applied part of this methodology successfully since the first building permit was issued. At one time or another, we have all picked up a glossy, artistic magazine and wished we were in the beautiful setting between the pages. Now we scroll through online galleries or Instagram posts full of beautiful creations. Each of us has likely attempted to express ourselves through the purchase of an artistic piece. Sometimes we realize those pieces lacked the inspiration we sought, but they may have simply completed a theme, idea or color scheme we’d envisioned. 

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Where Artistic Pieces Sometimes Miss the Mark

On any given day, we can walk through a decorated home, showroom, or office suite where design concepts are academically applied. The missing element in every display is always personalization. The room was created by someone else, for someone else. The showrooms and images give us inspiration to challenge ourselves by asking what we might do with carte blanche to create. Ten years later, we have redecorated a few times, and might finally admit to ourselves that we may have followed trends instead of creating our own. The hope to realize our potential is achieved through the talent of both the artist and the designer. 

Interior Design Custom Art

Designer and Artist Collaboration = Room Personalization

Collaboration makes each square foot a destination or an inspiration. An artist understands the variety of mediums and the value of individual expression. A designer understands how to combine function and style. Choosing the right team as a guide to personal expression makes a big impact on the daily value of a space, and the people that move through it.

In my designs, I’ve collaborated many times with my good friend and Atlanta-based fine artist, Stephanie Wheeler. Stephanie has custom-painted canvases for clients that have completed a room and made them unique.

Without an endless stream of contractors moving brick and mortar, a creative design team can transform an existing space in a much smaller fraction of time. We choose our living space by lighting, location or luxury. Life is short. It should be a beautiful experience inside and out. Find the right team. 

For more information on Stephanie Wheeler’s art, you can visit her website. To book a collaborative consultation for a room design, please contact me.