Welcome to the second installment of my 3 part blog series on High Point Market Fall 2019. In today’s blog I am going to focus on manufacturers that specialize in case goods and upholstery or in some cases both. The meat and potatoes of the furniture industry are case goods and upholstery. Case goods are defined as various types of cabinetry and non-upholstered furniture pieces that have function and storage capabilities. Examples would include chests, desks, tables and chairs. Upholstery is defined as the work of providing furniture, especially seats with padding, springs, webbing and fabric or leather covers. Now that we know that let’s get down to business.

While in High Point I toured some of my old favorites as well as some new manufacturers that I am sure will fast become my new go see’s while in High Point.


Norwalk Furniture is a 116 year old manufacturer of fine American made upholstery. Originally made in Toledo Ohio they are currently in Norwalk. The furniture is some of the best quality made in the U.S.A. They source textiles locally and use wood from the nearby Amish tree farms. They are fully customizable and offer many classic as well as modern designs. One of the things that struck me most about the Norwalk showroom were the splashes of color everywhere.  It was so refreshing to see color used in such a beautiful and refreshing way.  You can learn more about Norwalk Furniture from their website at Norwalkfurniture.com and their Instagram @norwalkfurniture.

Huntington House is a family owned upholstery manufacturer made in the foothills of North Carolina. Made from all North Carolina hardwoods the frames are all hand crafted. Each frame joint is glued, screwed and doweled for strength. The springs are 8-way hand tied. The fabric for each piece is hand cut in order to assure accuracy. They use a 360 degree tailoring concept to make sure the end product looks consistent from every angle. The craftsmen and women of Huntington House are paid hourly instead of by the piece to insure the best quality possible. You just don’t get this kind of attention to detail anymore. You can learn more about Huntington House at Huntingtonhouse.com and their Instagram @hhousefurn.

Cisco Brothers was definitely one of my favorite showrooms. It was set in an old factory that had been converted into a feast for your eyes. From the minute you walked into the showroom they set a tone of comfort and ease with a sophisticated spin. The upholstery was mixed with one of a kind case pieces sourced from all over the world. The upholstery is proudly manufactured in Los Angeles. They make their goods locally to build a sustainable community. In the frames they use sustainably harvested and reclaimed wood. I must say you can definitely feel the passion that Cisco Brothers has put into each piece they make. You can learn more about Cisco Brothers by visiting their website Ciscobrothers.com and their Instagram @ciscobrothers.

Four Hands is a manufacturer of case goods, upholstery and accessories. The showroom was punctuated by earthy tones and natural textures conveying a feel of impactful comfort. They “emphasized form-driven details and thoughtful layering, curves gain edge and finishes take on new tone.” They are always on an endless quest for inspiration from their travels around the world. Four Hands is known for merging the cultures, experiences and materials from their excursions into a wide range of styles for which they are known. The overall feel creates an organic design style that is so on trend in today’s market. Check out their website for more information Fourhands.com and their Instagram @fourhandsfurniture.

Hooker Furniture has been an industry leader for quality case goods, upholstery and home office furniture for over 90 years. Their brands include Hooker Furniture Company, Bradington-Young and Sam Moore. I have to admit I was so pleasantly surprised by the variety and modern feel of the showroom. I had sold their product years ago but wasn’t familiar with their current assortment. It was modern, stylish and very affordable. I highly recommend if you haven’t checked them out lately go to their website Hookerfurniture.com or their Instagram @hookerfurniture.

James by Jimmy DeLaurentis had a unique esthetic of opulence and extravagance. He makes custom pieces adorned with plush fabrics and sleek designs. The design style is Hollywood Glamour with a sophisticated elegance. Their beautiful sofa, chair and ottoman designs have a curated feel that invokes a feeling of comfortable luxury. As a lover of dogs DeLaurentis created a line of James luxury pet sofas that have to seen to be fully appreciated . Check out the website to get your furry friend their very own James creation. JimmyDeLaurentis.com and @jimmydelaurentis.

Dorel Home Products (DHP) is the go to destination for small space living furniture. They specialize in a wide variety of ready to assemble furniture for your home. From sofas, futons, accent pieces in the living room, convertible cribs, rockers and gliders in the nursery, vanities in the bathroom, upholstered and metal bed frames, bunk beds, daybeds and mattresses they have you covered. The showroom was filled with cute trendy designs and multi functional furniture. Check them out at DHPfurniture.com, @dhpfurniture..

Dome Deco is a brand that offers a total interior concept built around furniture, home accessories and interior textiles. The Dome Deco Image is created through contrasts (warm-cold, light-dark, male-female, urban-rural). When I stepped into
the showroom I immediately got the concept they were portraying. It had an overwhelming feel of sleek modern sophistication. Dome Deco was introduced to the US market just this year. If you haven’t already discovered them, you should. Domedeco.com and @domedeco.us.

Blue Print Collection is a line of case goods that was built on the foundation of timeless style, careful attention to detail and sophisticated wood finishes. The line represents old world classic style updated for modern day living. Based in Dallas Texas and founded by five interior designers the group offers a curated collection of furniture, home accessories, lighting and original art. You can find them at Blueprint-collection.com and @blue_print_store.

Wow, I am exhausted. If you’ve ever been to High Point Market I am sure you know the feeling. So that’s it for Case Goods and Upholstery. The third and final part of this series will be on Lighting and Outdoor Furniture. I have some exciting and innovative lines that I will be featuring. Until next time let’s keep making the world a better and more beautiful place to live.