What is High Point Market? This is one question I get asked over and over by my clients.

First let’s start with a little history. The North Carolina furniture industry gained momentum in the late 19th century due to its location, transportation and cheap labor. High Point North Carolina located in the intersection of the Southern Railway and the main state road was an ideal shipping point for the southern market. High Point Market was started in 1909 and was then known as Southern Furniture Market. The Southern Furniture Market was renamed the International Home Furnishings Market in 1989.

High Point Market is the largest trade show in the world. It is open to retailers, interior designers and architects who are looking for the latest and best in home furnishings for their stores and clients. There is over 12 million square feet of showroom space spread out into 180 buildings across the city of High Point. During the 2 Market shows that take place during April and October, the city becomes host to over 2000 exhibitors and 75,000 attendees from 100 countries. Around 10% of the attendees are international. Is it any wonder that High Point Market has become know as the worlds home for home furnishings.

I usually attend both the spring and fall markets. I always find it so energizing being able to see all the latest product releases. Every furniture manufacturer has a showroom in High Point.  I plan my strategy ahead of time to make sure I see all the manufacturers I do business with and then leave some free time to scope out new products. Furniture trends are always changing like fashion. It is so important to attend each time because Market week is like fashion week for home furnishings. Leading designers and retailers say “If you can’t find it in High Point it just doesn’t exist.”

This market I have been chosen as one of the High Point Market Design Bloggers Fall 2019. I will be writing several blogs about the upcoming market featuring some of my favorite manufacturers and design trends. So stay tuned for more Market updates.