Interior designers and real estate agents have worked together for years to collaborate and create engaging, inviting environments for buyers, but the trend for interior designers and real estate agents to pair up to bring fresh and valuable perspectives to properties has shown a rise in popularity in assisting the decision-making process for buyers.

Any savvy real estate agent knows that by bringing in an interior designer to sell a property, the agent can focus on the sale, and the designer can focus on resolving any design issues.

Determining Target Market

An agent and an interior designer start by determining the target market for the home. Location, the style and exterior of the home are all considered before then switching to focus on creating a variety of environments, suitable for different types of buyers, including first-time homebuyers, investment properties, or empty-nesters. The advantage of working together is that designers have experience managing a team (contractors, etc.), and that frees the agent up to focus on gaining interest in the property.

Create Rooms with Purpose

Designers help offer visual cues to how a space can be used most effectively. If each room isn’t laid out and created with a specific purpose, it could confuse a buyer and cause them to look at a different property altogether. By designing rooms with a purpose using furniture, appliances and accessories that illustrate the use of the space, a designer and real estate agent team create a better idea for the potential buyer to see themselves in each space.

Adding Value with Remodels and Upgrades

At the end of the day, a real estate agent’s job is to get their seller the most for their property. By working together, an agent and an interior designer can help a seller achieve a bigger purchase price. As mentioned above, a real estate agent will consider location (including pricing it against other recent sales in the same market), square footage and interior design when pricing out a home.

Bathroom remodels, kitchen upgrades and other factors like finished basements are taken into account when deciding a list price for a property. They are also a huge consideration for buyers when determining their offers, and upgraded design create value that other properties may lack.

Marketing the Property

As agents begin to market a property, potential buyers are searching online–roughly 50% percent, as a matter of fact. Each of the listings a buyer is looking at will have a short bio of the home, figures about bedrooms and bathrooms, location to schools and other amenities, but the most important thing they will be looking at are the photos of the property. Properties that are designed well (and have good photography) will stand out for buyers. When looking at choices between properties, many buyers would select a property with updated furnishings, appliances, and a cohesive design over one that has outdated finishes and needs a lot of work

Real estate agents who understand that they share the same goal with an interior designer will make the most out of their partnerships, and will end up with the most successful projects.

I’ve created partnerships with real estate agents in the Atlanta area, and together, we’ve successfully worked together on many properties. Most notably is my partnership with Mike Caggiano and Corey Sayre from Above Atlanta, a real estate firm that specializes in high-rise living here in Atlanta.

If you’re looking to get a professional interior designer to get your Atlanta home ready to sell, please reach out to me. I would love the opportunity to work on your space and create something that is both inviting and engaging for potential buyers.