2018 feels like it’s come and gone, and many interior designers have been thinking ahead of the game for their clients and infusing some of the forthcoming trends for 2019 into their designs for the last few months.

From materials and finishes, wall colors and even design styles, here are some of the trends you’ll be seeing everywhere come January (if you aren’t already).

Colors and Fabrics

Wrinkled textures – Intriguing tactile surfaces with a range of wrinkled and creased looks, these textures mimic those found in nature. through a range of crinkled and creased looks, evoking the patterns and textures we experience in nature.

Floral Fabrics – Speaking of patterns and textures found in nature, the traditional beauty of floral fabrics and wall covers will see an increase in use.

Edgy Jewel Tones – Whether it’s a bold indigo, deep hunter and emerald green, or dark teal, these colors are all ready to move outward into different rooms, including living rooms, dining rooms and even bedrooms. Paint, fabrics, accessories and rugs in these rich colors create the right amount of drama against white or other neutrals. If a full room of these dark shades overwhelms you, consider an accent wall or other small yet impactful ways to bring in the colors, such as lamps, vases and other accessories.

Trends in Furniture

As the popularity of urban city dwelling continues to rise, designers are finally catching on to the need for smart, well-made multi-purpose furnishings that make a big statement in smaller spaces. These new pieces are adaptable in different spaces, fitting the need for even the most challenging of rooms, but aren’t short on style.
Other trends in furniture to be on the lookout for are plush and comfy beds and bed linens, bold geometric patterns, a return to the curvy furniture pieces like the ones from the 1970’s, an increase in the prominence of art deco, and a heavy influence of antiques.

Designers Have an Eye for Combining Trends

I expect to see more homeowners bridging the gap between old and new styles, embracing classics like florals and mixing them with bold patterns and geometric shapes. Interior designers have the trained eye to embrace these combinations in an artful way, seeing the qualities of all the colors, fabrics and pieces.

No matter what design elements you prefer, 2019 is sure to bring new and interesting ideas to interior design. Contact me if you’re interested in making a new statement with your interior design in the New Year.