Minimalistic design is, at its core, the break away from the excessive and overly decorative, and focusing on raw materials and brutal simplicity. This 2019 trend has become more and more popular along with things like tiny homes and a minimalist lifestyle.

Elegance and Beauty in Your Minimalistic Interior Design

If you are looking to update your space to feel more elegant and beautiful, this is the style for you. You can create a minimalistic space by doing 3 simple things:

  1. Declutter – Over the years, we collect things. It’s in our nature. Memories, photos, cards…they all seem to pile up over time. While these things are important, it is possible to scale back and still keep precious moments sprinkled around your home. Here’s a handy guide to help you start cleaning out every type of room.
  2. Keep it simple – What could be easier than this? No one wants to get complicated and difficult in any realm of their life, so why not start with your living space? You don’t need multiple wall colors, extravagant furniture, or paintings galore. Simple and symmetry grant people the sense of calmness.
  3. Neutral base – The very basics of keeping your design simple is with a neutral base. A white or cream tone helps everything look clean and spacious. Color can also affect your mood. A darker tone can give a gloomy feel, while a more neutral color gives the space a more open, airy type feel. Which is not only a happy space for you, but a very inviting space for any guests!

Using these tips for minimalist interior design creates a more luxurious environment because lighting and space affects how you feel. Updating your space to have less clutter and more natural light will give anyone that enters your home the feeling of extravagance and affluence. It also offers an air of luxury because, let’s face it, these days overly decorated homes seem gaudy and untidy.

When Choosing Your Interior Design Pieces: Quality over Quantity

To round out the elegant feel, make sure you’re investing in quality over quantity. A valuable piece of furniture or art will last a lifetime. In addition, it can help you keep the clutter down. Look to purchase stylish storage and that can serve multiple purposes such as a hallway table that include shelving.

However you decide to style your home, make sure you give Tim Green Designs a call for interior design ideas. Tim can help you get just the look and feel that you’re looking for. His years of experience and unique eye for design will help you make your house a home.