Some of the common reasons that people skip hiring an interior designer include saving money, thinking they have enough time to complete the project themselves, and that they’re confident in their design abilities. While all of these may be true for some folks, many people may start a project and realize halfway through that they aren’t able to finish it, and are left with a half-done design. To avoid this, here are a few great reasons to consider hiring an interior designer.

Interior Designers Save Money

By using an interior designer who understands how to combine fabrics, how spaces flow together, and how to arrange furniture for optimal conversation, you insure yourself against having to replace or return items that don’t quite fit. Sometimes, these fixes can be more expensive when trying to redo a room yourself.

Plus, any good interior designer will keep you on budget, especially if you’re working with multiple vendors like builders or architects, and you can bounce ideas off of them for decisions relating to the right materials, finishes and fixtures.

Interior Designers Save Time

One of the biggest reasons to hire an interior designer is to save time. Interior designers spend hours conducting research and perfecting their techniques, and can spend a few minutes searching for what might take you hours or even days. If you’re working on a large project, by collaborating with other members of your design team, e.g. a builder and/or an architect, you can often avoid confusing email chains between multiple parties by having your interior designer act as a liaison between you and your other contractors. Lastly, interior designers often have more immediate resources and can provide answers to your design questions much faster, which allows projects to be completed on schedule.

Interior Designers Can Get a Guaranteed Great Result

Some people have a gift for creating a beautiful space in a way that is both functional and pleasing to the eye. However, many people struggle with this. It may seem easy to start, but they cannot see the completed vision. Interior designers have extensive training that allows them to plan a room by looking at a few key principles of design: scale and proportion, balance, rhythm, emphasis and harmony. For a room to come together well, all of these principles should be combined in the space. Additionally, interior designers pay close attention to other elements of design, including lines, shapes, textures, light, colors and patterns. Designers use knowledge in these areas to create designs that are beautiful, functional and comfortable.

Why Tim Green Designs

For over 25 years, I have brought my passion for art and interior design to life, and since then I’ve been transforming homes and office spaces in a way that aligns with my clients’ taste and vision. If you’re ready to hire an interior designer that will work with you to create your ideal space, contact me to get started.